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SI24 and TwoAES are two high quality sound cards designed for use in recording studios or on site recordings. Both have multiple inputs and outputs that offer the user a flexible approach towards mixing and editing sounds.  

The products are built out of anodized aluminum. This offers a durable chassis that both looks appealing and is rugged enough for on site recordings. 


The two devices come with an easy to use and modern interface that clearly differentiates the brand from the competition. The application's user experience flow is designed for a smooth learning curve both for tablets and desktops. 

The software's minimalist design reflects the design of the hardware devices thus offering a cohesive experience across all of the brand's products. 

Creative Pill's role

We were responsible with designing the hardware and the UX/UI for the software application. 

The physical products are designed using a mix of Aluminum Extrusion and CNC machining techniques. All metal components are anodized. 

The application posed a challenge when it comes to UX/UI due to the highly technical aspects of the recording process. Sonoric Instruments position themselves as a high-end and easy-to-use brand for the professional audio community. These brand values need to reflect in all their products. 


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