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IQ Matt is an industrial robot designed to test touchscreen displays. It is built using a classic delta configuration which allows for quick and precise movements of the head. 


The head is equipped with 3 fingers, 2 of which can fully retract. These are meant to simulate human gestures like touch, zoom, rotate, pinch, etc. For these purposes a new mechanical solution has been designed.


The patent pending design ensures accurate and flexible movements within a fairly compact package. 


Through ML algorithms, the system recognizes certain features (icons, buttons etc.) present on the display. This information is in turn used to move the head and it's fingers to simulate human interaction with the device. 

The robot is used in industrial settings such as the Automotive sector, where multiple displays are tested.



We designed, prototyped and tested the entire mechanical structure of the robot. This includes the delta system, the patent pending head solution and the body structure. 

The product was designed using Metal Sheet Bending, CNC machining, 3D Printing and DFM principles. 

In addition to the above, Creative Pill provided Manufacture ready documentation, BOMs and the component, prototyping and manufacturing sourcing that enabled RINF Tech to build this product. 

The robot is equipped with 2 wide angle cameras. One is mounted on the moving head and the other is mounted on the robot's "ceiling".


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