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Oupio is an ambitious brand that aims to build products that merge technology with interior design principles and human centric values. The result is a range of products that simply disappear within any interior design and as a result make technology both useful and invisible. 

Their first product combines light with sound in a minimalist and timeless design. Oupio M offers both high quality sound and human centric lighting with colors that range from sunset yellow to midday sun white. 

Oupio M is designed using only genuine materials like wood, metal, glass and wool. The materials and technology used, position the product in the high-end segment. 

We built it so that it can be used in different scenarios, thus offering more options for the startup to market their product. As a result, Oupio M is modular. It can be used both as a desk lamp, floor lamp or pendant cluster. 


To achieve surround sound, users can stream music via Bluetooth to a group of up to five units. 

Through IoT protocols it becomes part of the larger ecosystem of Smart Home products, lending itself to an ever increasing range of automation scenarios. 

Oupio M is a hybrid product that combines the soft and tactile approach of interior design with current technology, offering more than the sum of the parts in the process. 


Being the brainchild of our team, we were responsible for everything from the actual design to the engineering, prototyping, testing, sourcing components and manufacturing partnerships.  

The main challenge was combining the demanding audio component with functional connected lighting. The two elements don't like to be in the same space and as a result, many issues concerning heat dissipation, RF interference & shielding and sound artifacts had to be solved. 

The product was designed using CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and DFM principles. 


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