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EPH Controls offers products which allow the customer to take control of their heating and energy costs, as well as reducing their impact on the environment. 


The RFRP and A1/A2 thermostat series are designed for easy use in the dark or for people with impaired vision. Both products feature ergonomically shaped buttons and overall geometry, while the RFRP comes equipped with a large and well lit LCD display. 

A contemporary and visually friendly interior is important to every home. Because of this, we designed the products to be as minimal as possible.


This way, the thermostats perform their function without adding visual noise to interior spaces. In turn this makes them merge well with most interior design styles. 


We are collaborating with EPH Controls on a series of new products, starting with RFRP and A1/A2 series. Beyond that, our mission is to bring all of the products in EPH's portfolio to a cohesive brand image. 

In that regard we are currently developing a new set of products that follows the simple lines we have set out with the above mentioned products. 

All EPH products are designed using injection molding techniques and DFM principles. We supply EPH Controls with manufacture ready files and documentation for production. 

In addition to the design work, we have been asked to produce digital images for the entire catalog of products, EPH currently owns. 


Do you have a project that we could help you with?

Find out more about us and reach out. Let's discuss how we can help you out. 

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